A proposal to make life easier

in soils with low fertility

Inspired by the nurse effect of plant communities to settle in hostile places


We choose successional plant species to favor the establishment and long-term development of diverse ecosystems adapted to adverse conditions

About Lifepatch

Our patches have been created for the development of communities of selected plants with local nurseries for the regeneration of hostile environments.

Together with local nurserymen we choose the plants that best adapt to the conditions of each place for each Lifepatch

Composed of an organic base of 50x50cm designed to house and give the optimal growth conditions to different plants

What we create? 

Biodiversity nucleus capeable of return fertility to degraded places

Choose yours

Created to regenerate a space in your home.

Created to revitalize community spaces, both public and private.

Created to restore vast territories that have been degraded by natural and / or anthropogenic causes

The plants of this Lifepatch are chosen according to what you want to enjoy: ornamental, medicinal, succulent, among others

It allows creating links in the community by making them participate in the care and development of this initiative



The team




The Lifepatch management model has been designed from the foundations of fair trade, collaborating with the development of all the people involved in the process.

This initiative has been developed by Plantasia, composed by Francisca Carvajal and Camila Hernández. Two entrepreneurs, nature lovers, focused on developing products and biomimetic models that collaborate socially and ecologically.